About me

I was born and raised in Zurich coming from Swiss-Italian, Swiss-German and Italian ancestors; additional cultures are present in my current private life. I have lived in Switzerland, Japan, the U.S. and France. Since I am interested in various cultures, I have extensively travelled throughout Asia, and have visited a number of Middle and South American countries.


My art studies brought me to the Art Universities in Basel, Zurich, and Geneva, where I gained a degree (diploma) after five years of studies. Additional studies were undertaken at Zurich University, specifically Japanese and Japanese calligraphy, which I continued during my stay in Japan, together with learning from and working with Japanese ceramicists.

Life circumstances brought me to expand my life as an artist and as a result I started studying intermodal art therapy. I studied first at PROFAC in Arles, and later completed a degree at the art therapy institute "l'atelier" in Geneva. At the same time I integrated a Summer School in the MA-program in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School, in Saas Fee. My degree as an art therapist corresponds to the professional requirements for art therapists recently formalized by the Swiss Federation.

In parallel I studied one year of Child Developmental Psychology at the Open University (UK) and subsequent to this and my art therapy studies I studied for and obtained a Master of Science degree in Mental Health: Psychological Therapies at Queen Mary University of London. In September 2023, I have obtained a research PhD in art therapy and cultural studies through University of Derby, U.K.

Professional memberships

GPK, Fachverband für Gestaltende Psychotherapie und Kunsttherapie
ARAET, Association professionnelle des art-thérapeutes romands, Association Romande Arts Expression et Thérapies
Visarte, Berufsverband visuelle Kunst, Schweiz


My practical experience is mostly based in adult psychiatry. I have worked in psychiatric clinics in the region of Bern (Privatklinik Wyss AG, Münchenbuchsee, and Klinik Südhang, Kompetenzzentrum für Mensch und Sucht, Kirchlindach, which is specialized in addiction), where I worked as an art therapist. Thereafter, I worked as a psychologist at the HUG Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Département d'Addictologie, specializing in the 'Mindfulness' approach offering 'Mindfulness walking' sessions. I am carrying out my research in art therapy in the Psychiatric clinic Wil, as well as in clinics in Japan and Italy.

My work experience took place in the following institutions:

Adult Psychiatry:
Privatklinik Wyss (psychiatry)
Klinik Südhang (addiction clinic)
Hôpital Universitaire de Genève (addictologie)
Psychiatrische Klinik Wil (psychiatry)

Young adults and adolescents:

Small Children:

Work ethics

My approach consists of confidential, non-judgemental, value-free sessions based on a non-discriminatory policy in respect to ethnicity, gender, age, religion and sexual orientation within a safe and protected environment. Clients may count on my empathic and respectful attitude towards them as individual human beings, as well as towards their artistic creations.

To ensure professionalism, I attend regular supervision, as well as following my own psychotherapeutic path. Also, I regularly pursue ongoing training and development opportunities covering various approaches related to mental health and to the arts.

Clients' art works

The resulting art works, which are created throughout the length of the art therapeutic attendance, are safely stored in a special space of the practice. At the end of the therapy, clients will decide whether or not they wish to keep them.

Writings and publications

2008 "Jouer e(s)t créer", intermediate thesis, "l'atelier", Geneva
2011 "La perspective comme object transitionnel", art therapy thesis,
"l'atelier", Geneva
2012 "A Systematic Review of Possible Causal Links between Substance
Use Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder", MSc thesis,
Queen Mary University of London
2013 "Die Perspektive als Uebergangsobjekt", Forum, Heft 1, professional
journal of the GPK, Fachverband für Gestaltende Psychotherapie
und Kunsttherapie, Schweiz
2014 "Resilienz in Forschung und Kunsttherapie", Forum, Heft 1, professional
journal of the GPK, Fachverband für Gestaltende Psychotherapie
und Kunsttherapie, Schweiz
2014 "Art therapy - paint your worries away", LeNews, 21/8/2014

Public talks
1998 Stanford University, Department of Art, California, USA
1999 Senate Paris, "intersculpt '99", Symposium on digital sculpture, France
2000 University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Honolulu, USA
2002 Gulbenkian Foundation, "The Nothing... Nada Symposium", Lisbon, Portugal
2003 Cheltenham Science Festival, "scientists are from Mars, artists are from
Venus", England
2005 Kunstmuseum Bonn, Symposium, "Bilder, Formen, Bewusstsein", Germany
2005 Café des Sciences, "Science et art; trafic d'influence", Geneva, Switzerland
2007 Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Alfter/ Bonn: Symposium:
"X-Over - Die bewegende Kraft der Kunst": Title of talk: "Zeichnung:
: Aesthetik, Symbol und Wirklichkeit"
2007 The Globe, CERN, Geneva: "Parallel tracks in art and science."
2008 L'Atelier, Genève: "Le dessin: esthétique, symbolique et réalité"